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After 27 years of breeding the decision has been made to finally stop.


For the last 4 years it has been a dreaded thought!


In 1991 when I started so much help was given to me by the now late Brenda Beardmore of Wintapi fame. Then after 2 years I was guided into the GCCF by the now late Mary Davis of Hunmar in Northern Ireland, to breed the type of cat I hope has been produced by me since.

Mary was such stoic support and her wisdom is still missed.


So many really good friends over the years within the cat fancy – so lots to be thankful for.


This website will remain for a short time with photos of Skellum babies over the years courtesy of another wonderful friend, Richard.


I have to thank the many wonderful people who have taken neutered rehomed breeding cats. Their huge hearts are proof of their love and compassion for the older cats. We breeders could not cope without them.


Some cats remain with me.

After all – what is life without a cat by your side.

Jean x


I do hope you enjoy spending some time looking at my cats.

I am Jean Townsend and I started breeding British Shorthairs in 1991.


My pedigrees originate mainly from the Hunmar lines which come from Northern Ireland. 

These cats have huge build with big heads and heavy bone. Their facial expression has always appealed to me, so I hope it can still be seen in my cats today, some years on.


Like many breeders, I am just besotted with cats and British Shorthairs are amongst my favourites. My aim is to produce as good quality kittens as possible, complying with the standard, with health and temperament as priorities. My girls only have one litter per year, they are then free to enjoy life to the full.  All kittens are born and reared in the house.

They are born in a controlled environment in the kitten bedroom, and handled from the day they are born. When old enough to walk, they progress to the kitchen where they can confront all the noises and smells of living. They explore my cupboards and generally create havoc amongst my vegetable basket.


Kittens are registered with GCCF and leave me for their permanent homes when 13/14 weeks old. They are fully inoculated  and insured with Pet Plan for 4 weeks. All kittens are health-checked by my vet twice, once at the first inoculation at 9 weeks, and again at the second inoculation at 12 weeks.


Like most breeders, I try and give my kittens the best start possible. New owners are given a guide on how to care for their new baby and are expected to commit to continue this care for the kitten's lifetime.



Please do take a look around my site and contact me if you need further details.
























Grand Champion Skellum Redrambo was entered at the Supreme Cat Show 2016 with the endeavor to achieve the fifth and final certificate needed to become an Imperial Grand Champion.  He managed to win his ticket, and as this was the 40th anniversary show (Ruby Anniversary), the GCCF were offering double certificates at the different levels.  So therefore my Rambo had his fifth and even a spare sixth ticket and became an Imperial Grand Champion. 

My mission was accomplished. 

But he then won the Best of Breed for his breed and colour class.

Having won the Best of Breed, he went forward for consideration to be Best in Variety (for the British), and this he then WON.  Wow, this could not get better..... So he was now the Best in Variety British Adult.

Having won the Best in Variety British Adult, he was considered for the Best in Show which is across all breeds and colours.  And this he WON - thus Supreme Exhibit Adult.

GCCF Supreme Cat Show 2016

  • Imperial Grand Champion

  • Best of Breed and Colour Class

  • Best of Variety (BSH Adult)

  • Best in Show (All breeds and Colours)

  • Supreme Exhibit Adult

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